University guests wear Hanfu to experience Chinese culture in an all-round way

Three-five foreign students wore fairy-like tube top skirts on the second floor of the Cultural Plaza, and one of them was holding a blue oil-paper umbrella. Against...

2021 Chengdu International Hanfu Festival shines

In recent years, Chengdu attaches great importance to the inheritance and promotion of Hanfu culture, and strives to build the nation's "the first city of Hanfu in...

Elegant and fairy-like Hanfu clothes, transform into a playful little fairy

In the minds of many people, Hanfu should be the same as the heavy ancient costumes in TV dramas. The style is very simple and dignified. After...

Hanfu is dignified, elegant and elegant, which one do you like?

There are four types of women's Hanfu: Ming-made Hanfu is dignified and elegant, curly and elegant, which one do you like! The girls in Hanfu are really...

Chinese Valentine’s Day, take you to the Lantern Festival Hanfu Show Wedding

Today (February 26) is the Lantern Festival, known as "Chinese Valentine's Day". Many couples choose to register their marriages on this day. In the morning, the outdoor...
ancient Chinese clothing patterns

ancient Chinese clothing patterns|The beauty of traditional embroidery elements

When buying clothes, you will pay special attention to the patterns on the clothes, because the pattern is very important for a set of clothes. If there...