2021 Chengdu International Hanfu Festival shines


In recent years, Chengdu attaches great importance to the inheritance and promotion of Hanfu culture, and strives to build the nation’s “the first city of Hanfu in China”. The inheritance of Hanfu culture has been at the forefront of the country. Hanfu, as a traditional costume of the Chinese nation, has been inherited for more than four thousand years, showing the colorfulness and profoundness of Chinese culture.

The 2021 China Chengdu International Hanfu Festival became a hit in the same gown circle. Behind the countless fans is the reshaping and revitalization of traditional culture. Chengdu Cultural Tourism revolves around the original intention and mission of “building a platform, creating an atmosphere, and assisting the industry”, with precise efforts and meticulous planning, allowing the Tianfu culture to explode infinite influence at home and abroad.

Chengdu continues to explore “Hanfu+”

Chengdu continues to explore "Hanfu+"

“The world cannot withstand the temptation of oriental life aesthetics.” With the return of the national tide, as the top “clothing” of “clothing, food, housing and transportation”, whether it is official or unofficial, China has begun to set off a “Hanfu fever”.

In recent years, Chengdu has continued to explore “Hanfu+”, giving new cultural momentum to the development of Chengdu. Nowadays, in the cultural and creative districts of Chengdu, such as Kuanzhai Alley and Wenshufang, there are many Hanfu physical stores. Wearing Hanfu has become a trend among young people. In Chengdu’s parks, scenic spots, streets and alleys, they can also be seen everywhere in Chengdu, with their hair in a bun, and their clothes are graceful. With the rise of Hanfu craze, Chengdu Jinjiang Park, Kuanzhai Alley, Du Fu Thatched Cottage, Pingle Ancient Town, Anren Ancient Town and other major scenic spots are competing to host large-scale Hanfu activities. In Tianfu New Area, the official also guided the establishment of the “Tianfu Hanfu Cultural Center”.

If it is said that Wenshufang “Jincheng Shili Hanfu Festival” is the grand finale of Chengdu’s 2020 Hanfu Festival; then, “2021 China Chengdu International Hanfu Festival” is the beginning of the 2021 Hanfu event, and has set off in recent years. Come to the climax of the national Hanfu activity.

The long song happily resorts to the tales of Pingle, and the straps dance “show” through the ages. “The country’s first immersive Hanfu live show” presents a visual feast that spans time and space; feel the simplicity of the Han Dynasty, the elegance of the Tang Dynasty, the elegance of the Song Dynasty, and the dignity of the Ming… Many new works by well-known Hanfu brands are here. , The clothes are fluttering, everyone also falls into the history along with the beauty of the costumes, and captures the beauty of Chinese civilization together.

The “2021 China Chengdu International Hanfu Festival” integrates Hanfu catwalks, brand display, interactive games, and singing and dancing performances. The event focused on creating the Pingsha Luoyan global show, and simultaneously launched immersive Hanfu real-life catwalks and welcoming the new with children Boutique Hanfu activities such as festivals, Hanfu parade, lantern night tour, Hanfeng bazaar, armor show martial arts, immersive gardens, “Wolong Secret Treasure” chapter treasure hunt, Hanfu merchant forum, and other boutique Hanfu activities, bringing a wealth of excursions to the general public and tourists And cultural experience, feel the profoundness of Han culture in Han style and rhyme.

In addition to the famous local brands in Chengdu such as Metro City Nanzhuang, Guangzhou Hongjian Yulu, Beijing Herongfang, Deyang Neishang Huatang, Wuxi Huajian Yimeng and other high-quality Hanfu merchant brands from all over the world can be seen at the event. Hanfeng Ji The city is star-studded, so lively.

Brand merchants participating in this Hanfu Festival believe that the “2021 China Chengdu International Hanfu Festival” fully embodies the “government setting up the stage and enterprises singing”, and it is a successful practice in Chengdu that has continued to explore the “Hanfu+” in recent years.

Build a new scene of national style and national tide cultural consumption of “Impression Tianfu”

Impression Tianfu

Starting from the public’s understanding of the effect of Hanfu cultural dissemination, nearly half of the people feel that Hanfu has a certain influence on the dissemination of Chinese culture. More and more colleagues believe that the current upsurge of Hanfu is an external manifestation of social tolerance and cultural self-confidence.

Explore traditional culture in depth, tell stories about cultural travel, and innovate consumption scenarios. The continuous development of niche cultures such as Hanfu, hip-hop, and the two-dimensional element has injected new vitality into the city of Chengdu. The diverse culture allows people to benchmark Chengdu with Amsterdam, the cultural capital of the Netherlands.

To help build the “Three Cities and Three Capitals”, 2021 China Chengdu International Hanfu Festival will create a new case of cultural and tourism integration. The Hanfu Culture Festival is held in such an ancient town of Tianfu with profound historical and cultural connections. Pingle Ancient Town introduces the “Hanfu” culture in the rejuvenation of the national tide. It is itself an interaction and innovative expression of the core of Tianfu culture and traditional Chinese culture in the new era. A thought.

Today, more new experience scenes and traditional Chinese culture are integrated here, bursting with infinite vitality. In recent years, Chengdu Pingle Ancient Town has carried out various traditional cultural activities to explore the “Hanfu + Infinite Experience Mode” of Tianfu Ancient Town, and build a new scene of “Impression Tianfu” national style and national tide cultural consumption. Among them, the Qiongzhou Garden traditional culture real-world study course carried out with the “Hanfu + Research” model has become an internationally influential national feast, attracting many overseas Chinese and foreign friends to come to the Qiongzhou Garden scenic spot in Pingle Ancient Town, Chengdu to wear Hanfu , Study Chinese Studies, experience traditional cultural etiquette.

Empower Chengdu to build “the first city of Hanfu in China”

the first city of Hanfu in China

“China has the great etiquette, so it is called Xia; there is the beauty of clothing, it is called Hua.” As the traditional costume of the Chinese nation, Hanfu shows the colorful and profound Chinese culture. Statistics show that due to the number of Hanfu merchants, the purchasing power of Hanfu, and the total output value of the Hanfu industry, Chengdu is known as the “first city of Hanfu” in the country. The first Hanfu physical store, the first Hanfu theme bookstore, and the first large-scale Hanfu theme experience cultural and creative area were born here, and the inheritance of Hanfu culture is at the forefront of the country.

The popularity of Hanfu also promoted the upgrading of the surrounding industrial chain. “Chengdu silver filigree making skills” is a representative project of national intangible cultural heritage. The combination of intangible cultural heritage and Hanfu culture has created some Han decoration brands that incorporate silver filigree skills; the development of the Hanfu industry has also given birth to a new profession— -Hanfu models. There are more and more Hanfu activities across the country, and the demand for models is once in short supply; in addition, it also drives the development of the self-media industry such as Hanfu KOL, anchors, and live broadcasts.

How to integrate and develop “Hanfu + Ancient Town”? The 2021 China Chengdu International Hanfu Festival “Hanfu + Ancient Town” theme forum brings together experts, scholars, industry celebrities, and business representatives to focus on the value and significance of the development of the Hanfu industry to the revival of national cultural spirit, the industry and culture of Hanfu The inevitability of the integrated development of the travel industry and the commercial value and market potential of Hanfu today offer advice and suggestions.

The successful holding of the 2021 China Chengdu International Hanfu Festival is an innovative practice to open up the overseas Hanfu market. It is also a useful exploration for state-owned enterprises to promote the in-depth integration of cultural tourism and industry, which has had a huge influence both at home and abroad. According to incomplete statistics, the total number of live broadcasts on the whole network has exceeded 800,000, social platforms such as Weibo, Douyin and other social platform topics have been viewed over 9 million, and the media exposure of the whole network has exceeded 50 million. This has not only started the thousand-year-old town of Pingle, “Chinese Hanfu” The new IP for cultural tourism in “The First Town” will continue to empower Chengdu to build the “First City of Hanfu in China”.

Celebrate the feast of Hanfu, and build the dream of traditional cultural rejuvenation

It is reported that Hanfu cultural activities will be carried out as a normalized activity in Tianfu Ancient Town Pingle “National Wind Year”. When Tianfu Ancient Town meets Hanfu, the “first stop on the Southern Silk Road” and “the first town of Hanfu in China” will complement each other and explode. The brilliant spark of the in-depth integration of culture and tourism, Chengdu is bursting with cultural splendor of the “Belt and Road”.

In the next step, Pingle Ancient Town will also set up new Hanfu business formats such as the Hanfu Experience Hall and large-scale immersive Hanfu plot experience project, continue to hold Hanfu cultural activities, and work with many Hanfu merchants and community colleagues to accelerate the integration of “Hanfu + Ancient Town” to help Pingle was built into the “No. 1 Town of Hanfu in China” with international influence.

In addition, Pingle Ancient Town will also use Hanfu cultural activities as an opportunity to promote Hanfu cultural tours in Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other places, help Hanfu merchants to open up the international market, develop Hanfu into a global clothing industry, and build a dream of traditional cultural revival. .

In the future, in Millennium Pingle, there will not only be a Hanfu Grand Award that integrates national style Hanfu, national fashion music, fashion catwalks, and retro street photography, but will also continue to invite fans and Hanfu fans around the world to let the world see the difference. The ancient town of Tianfu also allows the world to enter Chengdu due to the power of traditional culture, to experience the innovation of urban leisure lifestyle together, and to witness the charm of “the first town of Hanfu in China”.


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