Chinese Valentine’s Day, take you to the Lantern Festival Hanfu Show Wedding


Today (February 26) is the Lantern Festival, known as “Chinese Valentine’s Day”. Many couples choose to register their marriages on this day. In the morning, the outdoor marriage certification service point of the Civil Affairs Bureau in Jiaomen Park, Nansha District, Guangzhou was beaming and lively. A collective certification event with the theme of “Celebrating Lantern Festival Hanfu Show” was held here.

Hanfu wedding

At the beginning of the activity, amidst the warm applause of relatives and friends, 10 couples walked through the ancient ritual and music, holding hydrangea balls and lanterns, passing through the Happy Arch and slowly walking towards the ceremony site. The red Chinese dress on the couple is the best annotation of traditional Chinese culture on the wedding.

A newcomer from Hunan, China, Ms. Yang planned to collect the certificate with her boyfriend on his birthday in May this year, but when she heard that there was a Hanfu certificate awarding ceremony during the Lantern Festival, she couldn’t help signing up for it.

Wedding dress

“Such a Chinese ceremony is very special to me. I can feel the precipitation of Chinese traditional culture.” Ms. Yang hopes that she can “hold her hand and grow old with her partner” with her partner.

Choosing the Lantern Festival to hold this collective certification ceremony, the organizer Nansha District Civilization Office and Nansha District Civil Affairs Bureau have special considerations. According to the relevant responsible comrades of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Nansha District, in order to continue to promote rural migration, increase the governance of unhealthy customs such as high-priced gifts, comparison of favors, extravagance and waste, and actively advocate and promote traditional weddings that embody excellent Chinese culture. For the first time, the webcast is used for simultaneous implementation. , Let more people understand and support Chinese excellent traditional culture, and enhance cultural self-confidence.

One of the newcomers, Mr. Wang, is an employee of a state-owned enterprise in Nansha. During the Spring Festival, he responded to the call and celebrated the New Year on the spot. He lamented that the festive atmosphere and customs of Nansha deeply infected him as a new Nansha person, and he fell in love with him more and more. When learning about this new city of Nansha, he did not hesitate to sign up for the event, “Let the hot land where he struggles witness his own growth and gains. The witness is that he and his wife are happy and sweet, and feel more sacred and peaceful. It is meaningful, while being able to participate in this wedding under the witness of relatives and friends, and carrying forward traditional cultural concepts through practical actions will also have more profound memories. I hope that our family can also inherit traditional culture as our family convention and virtue.”

It is reported that Han and Tang dance performances, lantern riddles and other activities were also held at the scene. In the riddle guessing activities, the activities of “New Era Civilized Marriage Customs”, “Marriage Law Common Sense”, “Civilized New Fashions” and other content are also ingeniously incorporated. In a relaxed and interesting way, we advocate civilized marriage customs, organize weddings frugally, promote modern civilized new fashions, and advocate harmonious marriage and family. Culture, to promote the traditional Chinese virtues of harmony between husband and wife, respecting the old and loving the young, and diligence and frugality.

Hanfu activities

It is understood that in ancient times, the Lantern Festival was also a good opportunity for many single men and women to go out to find their favorite objects. In ancient times, women were restricted from going out, and they were usually only able to go out on some important occasions, and they often needed to be accompanied by their father and brother. But on the Lantern Festival, a very social festival, they have the opportunity to go out to admire the lanterns and meet their favorite people. “Suddenly looking back, the man is in the dimly lit place” describes the scene of the Lantern Festival night. Therefore, many people also regard the Lantern Festival as “Valentine’s Day” in a substantial sense.


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