Elegant and fairy-like Hanfu clothes, transform into a playful little fairy


In the minds of many people, Hanfu should be the same as the heavy ancient costumes in TV dramas. The style is very simple and dignified. After all, it is the clothes worn by ancient people hundreds or even thousands of years ago.

In fact, there are many styles of Hanfu, which have also changed with the progress of the times, and many Hanfu we see now incorporate some fashion elements, which are in line with modern people’s appreciation level and are very elegant.

In many people’s perceptions, Ming-made Hanfu should be a dignified and atmospheric winter style, but there is one thing that everyone may overlook, that is, although the overall temperature of the Ming Dynasty is relatively low, there are also summers. The most common Ming-style in summer The single product is a variety of tops. In this set of Hanfu, the upper body is matched with an orange round-neck gown, under the collar of the gown and on the chest there are embroidered patterns as decoration, which looks very delicate. Moreover, the gown fabric is very light and thin, and the overall style is very elegant.

The lower body of this orange long gown is matched with a light green pleated skirt. The fabric of the pleated skirt is similar to that of the long gown, all with a somewhat fairy-like and elegant feeling. And the color of the pleated skirt is very vibrant, more suitable for spring.

Elegant and fairy-like Hanfu clothes

Generally speaking, the waist-to-waist Hanfu can give people a very capable feeling, because the collar looks very handsome. But in this look, this collar suit is more fairy than handsome. First of all, the overall color of this Hanfu suit is mainly silver and white, with a small area of ​​black, so that this shape has a sense of fairy style.

the waist-to-waist Hanfu

Moreover, the fabric of this Hanfu is a very light gauze fabric, which looks very light when worn on the body. In addition, the cross-collar short shirt on the upper body of the suit is a wide-sleeved design. Although wide-sleeved is not as good as straight-sleeved, the style of the former is more atmospheric. At the same time, it can also reduce the monotony of the light purple suit.

One characteristic of Hanfu is that even if two sets of clothes have the same style, as long as the color matching is slightly changed, the styles of the two sets of clothes will be very different.


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