Cool summer clothes to accompany you to enjoy the summer.

Cool summer clothes

Han Chinese costume is a kind of clothing with the characteristics of the Han nationality, its main feature is loose and flowing. The most classic and most common Han clothing is usually in a single color, for example, the common ones are blue, white and so on. However, nowadays, more and more young people like Hanboks, and most of the Hanboks have started to develop in the direction of colorful and bright colors. For example, this year’s popular hanbok called Ice Clean and Clean, looks like the clean feeling of first love!

Cool summer clothes

What kind of makeup goes with Hanfu

Ice-clean hanboks tend to use light colors, such as light blue, beige and so on. Therefore, in terms of makeup, it is best to keep the makeup simple and clean, for example, you can choose girly or coral makeup. This type of makeup to makeup looks natural and a little brighter than plain.

You can use coral or rose pink eyeshadow, in order to make the makeup look more uniform, the lipstick number can also choose a similar rosy pink or milk tea color. One thing to note here is that the eyebrows should look more rounded and not European style eyebrows. In this way, the makeup and the outfit will look off-putting together.

What kind of makeup goes with it

In addition to that, ice-clean hanbok is actually quite plain, so not only should you keep your makeup natural and clean, but also your face should not be overly decorated, such as painting glitter around the eyes and so on. All you need to do is try to make your face look as naturally red and clean as possible. This will not only boost your look, but also improve your face value!

What color matches the Hanfu

The colors that are used to make clean, clear and transparent Hanbok are usually clean and transparent. When you choose this type of hanbok, how do you choose the right color for yourself? The color scheme of the hanbok is more suitable for light and cold colors like white and blue, which will give you an icy and clean loo

What color matches the hanbok

Here are two tips offered to you, if you have fair skin, you can choose either blue or white hanbok at this time. On the other hand, if you are a black and yellow skinned girl, it is better to choose blue, dark blue is more white than light blue and therefore, more friendly for black and yellow skinned girls.


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