The mask can’t hide the “HanFu fever”.

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In recent times, Liu Dan received one appointment after another for live events in Chinese costumes. The only requirements were to avoid gathering crowds and to wear a mask when attending the event.

Liu Dan has been the head of the Yunnan Han Clothes Association for several years. On weekdays, they will hold some activities related to Hanfu culture every weekend. Due to the epidemic, most of the recent activities have been online for the time being.

In late July, the Wanxichong Pear Garden in Kunming’s Chenggong District ushered in the eighth annual Pear Blossom Festival. In order to avoid crowd gathering, the festival took “cloud flower viewing” mode, the garden of spring color into the “cloud” end, a lot of Chinese costume lovers became the “protagonist” of flower viewing. They may caress the qin and play the flute, or drink tea to meet friends, in the ancient style appeared in the live camera.


The person in charge of the event introduced that the conditions for large-scale live flower viewing are not available at the moment, but through the live interaction of Chinese clothing enthusiasts, with the ancient people visiting the garden as the perspective, through immersive story interpretation, can attract more online audience to feel the beauty of the pear blossom, but also for the follow-up activities related to good publicity.

Unlike in previous years, the Chinese costume lovers are wearing masks this time, and some girls have added a veil. Liu Dan said that although this is the first time such a costume is worn, it will not reduce the enthusiasm for the hanbok in any way. The women also deliberately choose the color of the mask according to the Chinese costume they are wearing, trying to make their match more coordinated on the whole.

Under the pear tree, “after 90” tea artist Chen Xiaoye appeared in the camera in a Chinese costume. He caressed the guqin and played a song “gods man smooth”, there are several people in Chinese clothing passing by from time to time. This is the first time since the outbreak of the epidemic that he has worn Chinese clothing to an event. “Since we came out to play, we have to wear our best clothes to show the vigor and hope of spring,” Chen Xiaoye said.

In recent years, wearing hanfu has become a trend among young people, and many universities have set up clubs related to hanfu culture.

Yuan Lucha, a fourth-year student at Yunnan Normal University, said there are more and more students wearing hanfu on campus, and her hanfu club also organizes poetry contests and hanfu flash mobs on traditional festivals. Many people start wearing Hanfu because of its aesthetics, but later they are attracted to the traditional culture behind the clothes,” Yuan said.

Yuan Lucha said she left her hanbok at school during winter break this year, and had to watch people tweet pictures of it to their friends. Her biggest wish now is to put on a hanbok and go shopping with her classmates after the school year starts.

Chen翕, a sophomore in college, has more than 20 sets of hanboks in her wardrobe. She says that when she got her first set of hanbok in the second year of junior high, it became part of her life after that. Even now when she goes out temporarily, Chen openly wears a favorite blue hanbok over a short-sleeved denim dress-up jacket and a light blue mask.

“My parents have gotten used to my hanbok routine,” Chen翕 said, “Nowadays, when you walk down the street in a small county town, no one will come to ask what kind of clothes it is. In the past two years, this change has been particularly noticeable.

The third “Chinese Costume Day” online event recently attracted many netizens. The theme of this year’s Chinese Costume Day is “Share the same robe with your children and overcome the difficulties of the times”, which not only promotes traditional Chinese costume culture, but also calls on everyone to work together to fight the epidemic.

I hope I can earn money after graduation and buy a set of all styles of Chinese clothing.


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