Hanfu is dignified, elegant and elegant, which one do you like?


There are four types of women’s Hanfu: Ming-made Hanfu is dignified and elegant, curly and elegant, which one do you like! The girls in Hanfu are really tasteful, gorgeous, and elegant, but not vulgar. The fairy-like beauty is really beautiful!

Looking at the warm weather since the beginning of spring, the beauty of fairies who want to wear beautiful clothes can no longer be restrained! Speaking of the most suitable special clothes for spring, we have to mention Hanfu. Wearing fresh and exquisite Hanfu in the environment of Yingge Rock Dance is even more immortal. Hanfu is our traditional clothing. In modern times, it is not only the appearance. Gorgeous, elegant, and fashionable also represent the continuation of fine traditional culture.

  1. Ming Dynasty Hanfu

Hanfu is also divided into many types. Among them, the most refined and elegant is the Ming Dynasty Hanfu. This type of Hanfu is more elegant and generous. It is low-key and luxurious and can dominate the audience. If you are surprised by the style of clothing in “Daming Fenghua”, then you also dream of making Hanfu in the Ming Dynasty.

Ming Dynasty Hanfu

This stand-up collar dress with cloud shoulders looks very dignified and elegant. The sapphire dress looks exquisite and elegant, and you can tell at a glance that the girl wearing this way is tasteful. The horse-face pleated skirt on the lower body is the most classic style of dress for women in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, which complements the color of the shoulders of clouds. Such a gorgeous and vulgar Hanfu can never be rejected by any girl!

  1. Tang dress

Many new fairies in the Hanfu circle started with a love for underwear. So funny, the gorgeous and gorgeous Hanfu fully demonstrates the charming charm of the girl. This style of Hanfu is very suitable for fairies with a round face and a little fat. The high-waisted top is tall and thin, giving the impression that there are legs below the neck.

Tang dress

This set is an improved version of Tang Dynasty clothing. The overall garnet red is bright and bright, the arms are draped with streamers, and the gorgeous headwear is decorated with gorgeous colors, which can bring out the plump charm of women. Such colorful, elegant and luxurious Hanfu is best for taking pictures in spring and sunrise, and it is full of ancient flavor!

  1. Curved

If you have read “The Trick of the Beauty”, you will know what the original Hanfu song is like, especially it can reflect the mature charm of women’s wealth and grace. The tail of the skirt is slightly tightened inward, the long skirt can be dragged without showing the feet, and the top is looser, especially the sleeves are particularly wide, full of ancient flavor.

Curved Hanfu dress

The style of this curvy Hanfu is also extremely simple and elegant. Elegant beige and heavy red and black embroidery patterns make the whole person look elegant and solemn. Traditional and elegant hair accessories are also the finishing touch. Such clothes are as beautiful as a fairy. Who doesn’t like it!

  1. Song Zhizi

Yuzi is also one of the more popular Hanfu. Donut thinks it is also the Hanfu that is worn the most every day. This coat is like a cloak, which is light and beautiful to wear when going out. Song Zhizheng felt that it was light, elegant, and temperamental. It was not as elegant and luxurious as the court-style Hanfu, just like a lady who was famous, well-informed, lively and cheerful.

Song Zhizi Hanfu

Blue and white are also classic color schemes without too much cumbersome decoration. Does such a plain and simple Hanfu look like what you want? Dressed like this, you can go out in the spring, and then carry an antique bag, it is particularly bright and moving!

Hanfu is the traditional costume of the Chinese nation. This is worth our endless inheritance. Hanfu is also very fashionable. There are many tasteful Hanfu girls now. Wearing Hanfu is no longer an alternative and innovative thing. The types of Hanfu I will share with you today have their own characteristics and charms. The Han clothing in the Ming Dynasty is dignified and dignified, the Tang-style skirt is graceful and luxurious, the curve is elegant and elegant, and the fish roe in the Song Dynasty is light and elegant.

In fact, whether it is traditional Hanfu or an improved version, it seems to be full of ancient and fashionable clothing. I believe that Hanfu will be more and more popular with everyone, and it will be better inherited and carried forward!


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