How do you remove your mascara? What you need to know about makeup

How to brush your mascara

For girls who wear makeup, the most difficult to remove is mascara, if you are not careful will also pull out the eyelashes, then, how to remove mascara? Come to know about it.

Mascara has the effect of enlarging the eyes and will make the whole person look more energetic, but mascara is difficult to remove we all know, today, let’s learn how to remove mascara.

remove mascara

Eye Makeup Oil Mascara Remover

Pouring makeup remover oil on top of the eye makeup remover cotton pads on your eyes for a few minutes is OK, if you are afraid of getting on the skin under your eyes, you can put a makeup remover cotton pad under your eyes first.

Eye Makeup Oil Mascara Remover

Remove mascara with makeup remover.

  1. Wipe your mouth with a tissue to remove the color of your lipstick. Pour the oil remover onto a cotton pad and place it on top of your lips, gently wiping it off from the corner of your mouth. Be gentle so as not to get lipstick lines!
  1. Apply makeup remover oil to your palm and rub it on your face, working from the inside out, massage your fingers in circular motions from bottom to top to remove all the makeup from your face. Focus on removing the chin and the sides of the nose!
  2. face massage almost, dip into the water to wipe the face to continue to massage to remove makeup more clean and thorough. After the completion of the massage with water to wash your face!
  3. Wash your face with foaming net to make a rich foam, apply to the face in a circular massage to clean your face. Do not be too vigorous, gently massage to achieve a cleansing effect. The first thing you need to do is to use warm water to cleanse your face.
  4. Pour toner on top of a cotton pad and gently wipe your face with the pad on your hand. This can be done to help hydrate the skin while also playing a secondary cleansing role, and can also soften the skin to exfoliate the face.
How to brush your mascara

How to brush your mascara

  1. Use an eyelash curler to curl the eyelashes.
  2. If the lashes are not long enough, use glue on the false lashes first.
  3. Hold the brush horizontally and brush on the mascara in a zigzag motion. If you want to achieve a distinctive effect, you can repeat the brush, but in a vertical direction, brush the lashes one by one; if you want to make your eyes look big, you can brush more at the outer corners of your eyes. If you want to make your eyes look big, you can brush more at the outer corners of your eyes. If you lift the whole eyelash up, you can make it curved.
  4. Brush the eyelash brush vertically to the end of the eyes and lower lashes, and at the end of the eyelashes gently left and right brush, so as to decorate the effect of longer lashes.
  5. If you want the lashes to stand up, repeat the previous step with another brighter color.
  6. When applying mascara, first look at the brush is evenly distributed, and the color is not impurities or lumps.


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