How to air-dry your hair naturally


When the summer sun is shining and you’re eager to get out of the house as soon as possible, and you’re afraid of getting hot and sweaty, you’ll be most reluctant to use a blow dryer to dry your hair. Letting your hair dry naturally saves time, money and effort, but how do you ensure that your hair will look as beautiful after drying as it does after blow-drying, rather than being unruly? We asked celebrity royal hairdresser George Northwood for his advice on how to go out with wet hair so you don’t become that messy passenger on the bus with a wet mark on the back of his shirt.

To accommodate the summer months, I always make sure to fine-tune every haircut I handle. I know that when the sun is out, it’s unlikely that my clients will spend too much time on a perm, so a trim is key,” he tells us. So a trim is key,” he tells us. “I would recommend a longer style with a bit of an unfinished feel, and if you have longer hair, the weight from the length will make it less likely to get frizzy.”

It’s also why towel-drying your hair should be your first step out of the shower, and while it sounds natural, taking a few minutes to do it seriously and correctly isn’t so simple in the long run.

How to air-dry your hair naturally

“Try to try and squeeze most of the water out so that your hair should be dry by the time you get to work, which will also make it look fuller. Meticulously towel-dried hair tends to get slightly tangled, so gently comb it once if necessary, but don’t use a comb after that – you’re trying to create a natural texture,” says Northwood. “When drying naturally, using a little bit of product can help stop your hair from getting frizzy. Most people’s hair itself has natural waves, so I recommend using a wave styling cream or curl styling cream, and Redken’s Curvaceous line is great. Even if your hair isn’t very curly, these products are designed for natural air drying, whereas many styling products typically need to be activated by heat.

If you have fine or straight hair, Northwood discourages the use of styling products, instead applying a little conditioning oil to the ends of your hair so that dry ends always look moisturized and healthy. “Most volumizing products are designed for hot styling, so it’s best to just try lifting around the roots, fluffing up the top of your head and letting it air dry naturally.”

If you want your hair to look voluminous, Bumble and Bumble and Ouai both design excellent products specifically for natural air drying, try Ouai’s Soft Mousse Mousse for subtle volume and Bumble and Bumble’s Don’t Blow It Spray for a lighter texture.

This may sound like it goes against your instincts, but the next thing to do is to stop bothering your hair. “Once you give your hair a good parting, you don’t have to touch it anymore. The more you touch it afterwards, the more you’ll ruin it,” Northwood warns. “Once your hair is completely dry, you can rub it, and you can even add more product if you want.Redken Quick Tease is for hair that needs a more pronounced volumizing effect, so to speak, with one can in your hand and an immediate backcombing effect. You can use the right SPF for your hair, but I find that in the summer most people want the sun to bleach their hair a little lighter. “


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