How to get rid of eye bags fast

How to eliminate eye bags fast

Once bags under the eyes appear, they will think that they will look much older. Is there any effective way to eliminate them?

I believe that everyone does not want to go out with bags under the eyes. The appearance of bags under the eyes not only makes people look dull and depressed but also looks old. So today we will understand how to get rid of bags under the eyes.


Cucumber has a very good beauty effect, can eliminate eye bags and replenish skin moisture. Wash and slice the cucumber. After washing your face, apply it to your eyelids. After ten minutes, rinse off with water, it is very effective against eye bags and dark circles.

2.Calla lily lotus root residue

Wash the calla lily and lotus root, peel the calla lily and cut into small pieces, chop the lotus root, and put it in a juicer at a ratio of 1:1, such as adding a spoonful of milk. Then filter out the residue, leave the juice to apply to the eyes, wash it off with water after 10 minutes. Can quickly remove eye bags and dark circles.

3.Cold compress to reduce swelling

If the eye bags are caused by a lack of sleep, it can be relieved by cold compresses. Wrap two or three ice cubes with plastic wrap, fold the towel over the eyelids and put the ice cubes on top. Use frozen tea bags or dip The cotton pad that has been frozen with milk can also reduce swelling and calm down.

4.Eye cream should not be too greasy

Too oily eye creams are difficult to absorb through the skin, causing excess oil particles to accumulate around the eyes and form eye bags. Eye creams are best to choose fresh texture products to avoid accumulation of oil particles.

5.Massage after getting up

After getting up, it is the best time to get rid of bags under the eyes and dark circles. After washing your face, use your hands in a clockwise circular motion to massage the skin around your eyes for about five minutes. It can promote blood circulation around the eyes and eliminate eye bags.

6.Apply vitamin E capsules before going to bed

If your eye bags are already heavy, you can use vitamin E capsules every night before going to bed to remove the mucus in the middle and apply and massage the skin under the eyes for four weeks. Frequent use can achieve the effect of eliminating eye bags.


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