How to touch up makeup when the skin is oily and sweaty in summer

How to touch up makeup

The weather is so hot in summer, the skin is prone to oily and sweaty. I put on a meticulous makeup in the morning and I took off my makeup before noon. What should I do? Of course, it’s makeup! But for many women who are just starting to makeup, it is more difficult to touch up makeup than to remake up.

How to touch up makeup

The makeup comes off

Makeup method: Cooling and moisturizing is the key. First, spray moisturizing spray on the whole face, and gently press with facial tissue to absorb excess moisture on the face. Then use a makeup sponge dipped in lotion or lotion to wipe off the part of the liquid foundation. Finally, apply an appropriate amount of foundation cream with a damp sponge or fingers and apply pressure on the key makeup area.

Floating makeup around the nose

Make-up method: first use a cotton pad dipped in makeup remover to gently wipe the skin on both sides of the nose, then mix the moisturizing lotion with an equal amount of moisturizing liquid foundation, and then gently tap with the ring finger to make the foundation The liquid reapplies to the skin.

eye shadow halo makeup

Make-up method: Dip a cotton swab into a little lotion, and rub it on the smudged areas of the eye makeup in a rolling manner. Then apply a refreshing eye cream to the eye area. After the eye cream is completely absorbed, apply makeup and dipped the sponge with foundation to gently and evenly press the makeup area, and refill the eye shadow and eyeliner.

mascara smudge makeup

Make-up method: If the mascara is smeared around the eyes, first use a clean cotton swab (a small amount of lotion can be dipped) to wipe the smudged part in a rolling manner, and then use a cotton swab to dip some liquid foundation Put on makeup.

eyeliner halo makeup

Make-up method: Dip some eye and lip makeup remover with a cotton swab, gently roll to wipe off the faint eyeliner, if the eye skin is dry, apply a refreshing moisturizing eye cream, and then reapply foundation and eye shadow.

lip makeup comes off

Make-up method: It is easier to deal with the problem of lip makeup shedding. Use a cotton pad dipped in makeup remover to wipe your lips clean. Remember to put on lip balm to moisturize your lips and massage to soften them, then apply lipstick or lip gloss.


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