What is the fastest way to lose weight on your tummy

lose weight on your tummy

I have to say that the abdomen is the worst part of the body to lose weight except for the thighs, but in order to wear beautiful tights, belly fat has to be cut off! What are some quick ways to lose belly fat?

lose weight on your tummy

The fastest way to lose weight on your tummy

Abdominal fat, like the pants, do not have their own code, close to the clothes also can not wear a good effect, the side look like pregnant, a sit down is three swimming laps, they can not look down to it! Is there a life way to lose belly fat? In fact, in addition to the necessary exercise, a healthy diet and a regular routine are essential.

The most common abdominal weight loss method – sit-ups

The sit-ups are a very simple abdominal diet, but the simple action has a lot of precautions, such as hands do not hold the head, two legs can not stretch straight stretch, with breathing and so on. This is because holding the head with both hands will lead to back bending, lumbar intervertebral disc compression, so that the spine is damaged. The subconscious hands hold the head, but also in effect increased the pressure of the cervical spine; if the two legs straight, the harm is more serious, according to measurements, this exercise posture will produce 3300 Newton force in the spine, so that the lower back injury.

Sit-ups this abdominal weight loss method with breathing correct practice is: legs bent into 45 degrees, the soles of the feet parallel to the ground; hands on the surface of the thighs, get up, hands to the knee to move, or hands held near the temples; neck and shoulders relaxed, head straight, chin and chest separation; abdominal muscles force, shoulders slowly lift off the ground, while exhaling; keep the body bent 2-3 seconds, then slowly back to the Start position and breathe in at the same time.

The popular abdominal weight loss method of the moment – plate support

The so-called abdominal support method is a simple muscle training similar to push-ups. How to do it: Lie down, open your elbows at shoulder width, support your elbows on the ground, keep your upper arms and torso at 90 as much as possible. Toes of both feet together to reduce the support area. Keep the head, shoulders, hips and lower limbs in the same plane; tighten the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles to keep the spine in a natural bending shape. Breathe naturally, no breath-holding is allowed, and the hips cannot fall or tilt to the sides of the body. The movements of this abdominal diet may seem simple, but it provides some exercise to the back, abdomen, lower back, and hips, as well as the core muscle groups such as the adductors and diaphragm.

It should be reminded that many people do not have enough standard movements when doing the plate support, such as the hips up or down, the upper arms and forearms are not at a vertical angle, the head is excessively tilted back or bent forward, and the body is crooked, which not only has a poor fitness effect, but may also cause cervical or lumbar spine injuries. Therefore, it is important to keep your hips, waist and legs in a straight line. In addition, it is best to warm up for 10 to 15 minutes before doing plate support.

The Most Effective Abdominal Weight Loss Method – Belly Roll Exercises

Abdominal curls are one of the most effective abdominal weight loss exercises that focus on the rectus abdominis. If you want to train the abdominal muscles, for the lack of exercise and waist and abdominal strength of the beginners, you can first do the abdominal curl exercise, it is very similar to the common sit-ups, but its technical requirements and exercise effect is more clear and effective than the sit-ups.

The basic movement of the abdominal curl is this: lie on your back on the floor, bend your knees and place your feet flat on the ground; lift your body like a sit-up, but keep your lower back off the ground; and recover. A 2004 study by Gilbert M. Willett, an associate professor at Nellis State University Medical Center, showed that by sucking in the abdomen while curling off the ground, the abdominal muscles get twice as much exercise. In addition, there are several variations of belly curls, such as cross-arm curls, vertical leg curls, and touch leg curls; they can also be done on an exercise ball. If you want to slim down your abdomen by exercising your abdominal obliques, you can try the side abdominal rolls for this abdominal diet.


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