The right order of skincare to makeup, a must-see for makeup beginners

Make-up for Beginners

Whether it’s skincare or makeup, the steps are important, and if you get the steps backward, there’s a good chance that you won’t be able to absorb your skincare products. So today let’s look at the correct order of skincare to makeup.

A girl should learn basic makeup skills, whether it’s for the love of beauty or to hold the occasion. We’re going to learn about the right order of skincare to makeup.

makeup beginners

1、fully clean facial skin

First of all, adequate cleansing of the face is very important for makeup application. If we don’t perform this step before applying makeup, we may allow some dirty substances, dust or the like, or radioactive substances may accumulate in the skin pores.

It has a certain effect on the state of the skin. Moreover, it is especially easy to look old, so you should pay attention to this aspect should be given enough attention. Adequate cleansing of the facial skin is very important, you can choose to use some mild cleanser or use some composition mild toner to wet the cotton pad, and then fully clean in the face. This can also make the makeup more subdued, and can also make your facial skin more moisturized.

2、conduct skincare

It is also important to carry out some skincare steps before applying makeup. In some cases, if people apply make-up directly, it may not be very effective.

But the damage to the skin is also very big, so after cleaning the face of the skin should also be promptly after skincare. For example, you can apply the corresponding cream or lotion, or even essence can be, this order should be careful, first lotion, then cream, and finally the essence, so that also has a certain effect on the effect of your makeup, can reduce the cosmetics to a certain extent to reduce the damage to your face.

The Right Order of Skincare to Makeup

3、 Apply foundation of vegan cream.

Foundation is very powerful, it can improve the condition of the face and it can also make the skin which is yellow skin itself become fairer.

Some of the little ones may be more resistant to the foundation, they may think that it will make their face have unnatural fairness, and some of the fairies themselves may be lazy, they are not so used to using foundation on their face, so you can use a vegan cream. The same effect can also be achieved by the quick and easy use of plain creams and can give the impression of not having any makeup on itself. This is also a good way to do it.

4、Eye makeup.

When the foundation has been applied or a certain amount of vegan cream has been applied accordingly, you can apply eye makeup.

For eye makeup, the main thing is to apply eye shadow. It is very important to apply eye shadow, some times too exaggerated eye shadow is not suitable for daily life, so you try to choose some earthy color eye shadow is better. This may be good for you. And for some of the little ones whose eyelashes are not so long, you can apply the corresponding mascara or use an eyelash curler to make your eyes more electric.

Make-up for Beginners

5、Lip Makeup

Applying lip makeup is also a very important step. When you apply the corresponding lipstick, you should apply a layer of lip balm first, so that it can moisturize your lips to some extent, and it can also help to protect your lip skin from being so dry and rough. This is one of the better tips.

When applying lip makeup, you may be more likely to use a lip glaze, and it is also necessary to be aware of its ingredients, which may make your lip skin drier.

6、Apply blush or concealer

Skin that is too white gives a sickly look, in which case you can apply a layer of blush. Blush can make your skin look healthier and more vibrant, which is also good. If you have small pimples or other facial skin problems, you should also do some concealer at the end of the day, and concealer helps a lot.


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