Thinning hair? Here’s how to get thicker hair

Thinning hair

One of the hottest beauty topics will always be how to make hair look thicker and how to make it look more voluminous. From hair length and cut, to it being in perfect condition for all weather, the more hair you have, the better after all. However, without products that nourish and strengthen the hair, it can become difficult to comb and no amount of hair styling products can save it.

Not only does age contribute to hair thinning, but stress and diet can also affect the thickness of your hair. We’ll show you how to get excellent results with the right hair products and haircuts that will make your hair thicker in no time.

What causes thinning hair?

What causes thinning hair?

In addition to genetics, many factors can make hair thinner.


Stress and trauma can have a direct impact on hair growth. The term “alopecia areata” refers to stress-related hair loss, which is the physical response to the physical and psychological effects of stress. It is usually not long-term, but treatment may take up to six months. What is the best way to deal with it? Self-nourishment. Adequate sleep and a diet rich in B vitamins and containing whole grains, protein and dark leafy greens all help to slow down hair loss.

2.Over styling and over coloring your hair.

Heat styling products and coloring agents that contain a lot of bleach can cause hair to lose all of its strengthening fibers, which can make it brittle. If you can manage it, hold off on coloring your hair and stay away from styling products for a while.

Choose sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners to thoroughly cleanse your hair, and use night masks and hair oils, which will help nourish your hair.

3. Hormonal changes

Changes in health conditions can directly affect the thickness of hair. Hormonal fluctuations, especially thyroid imbalances, can affect not only skin and weight, but also hair. Many women lose their hair during pregnancy. If the hair density changes drastically in a short period of time, then it is time to see a doctor.

What hair products can you use to make your hair thicker?


The formulas in thickening shampoos are now very effective and there are many products to choose from. The best solution is to provide a nourishing treatment to the hair while removing excess oil and build-up from the hair shaft to prevent stress.


Choose a ceramic round comb when blow drying and an ionic hair dryer that blows off negative ions to smooth your hair and avoid frizz.


Use a root lifter when styling your hair. This will further lift your hair and make it hang more beautifully on your face.

How to make your hair thicker through diet.


Look for a great hair stimulating multivitamin supplement. It should be rich in keratin, the amino acid L-lysine, soy protein, iron, and vitamins B12 and D3. all of which will help your hair become thicker.

5.Type of food.

Stick to a simple, nutritious diet rich in lean protein, leafy green vegetables and carrots to get your vitamin A fix.

What hair products can you use to make your hair thicker?

What makes hair look thicker.

Don’t let your hair get too long. Cutting your hair neatly and relatively short will instantly make it appear voluminous and thick. Try using side bangs to cover up any thinning areas.

Choose your colors carefully to avoid being too one-dimensional. Multiple shades of highlights or dark colors will give your hair depth and prevent it from looking too sparse.

Anabel Kingsley, a trichologist, says: “Thickening and strengthening protein sprays can also help. They add volume to the hair right away, giving it an instant improvement. Over time they also strengthen the hair, which helps reduce hair loss due to breakage. While breakage doesn’t actually cause hair to fall out at the follicle, it can make the hair look thin in the midsection and at the ends.”

Adam Reed, founder and hairstylist at Percy & Reed, adds: “Try not to fluff your hair when blow-drying, as this can make it lose its vitality before you can tackle it. Try to towel dry your hair as much as possible and then blow dry.”


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