University guests wear Hanfu to experience Chinese culture in an all-round way


Three-five foreign students wore fairy-like tube top skirts on the second floor of the Cultural Plaza, and one of them was holding a blue oil-paper umbrella. Against the background of the blue-grey eaves and wooden carved railings, it was charming and charming. Beauty view.

Beautiful Hanfu Beauty

The Hanfu Cultural Experience Exhibition jointly organized by the Chinese Academy of Language and Culture and the Hanfu Association has set up six areas, including a game area, a Hanfu display area, a Hanfu fitting area, a photo area, a hairstyle area, and a prize redemption area. They adapted the rules of the game based on the small games that were often played by ancient literati and ink guests at gatherings and set the three small games in the game zone, such as pot throwing, shooting, and flying.

In the Hanfu try-on area, representative costumes of various dynasties are displayed on site. There are as many as forty pieces, including the unique tune of the Han Dynasty, the tube top skirt of the Tang Dynasty, and the ladylike style of the Ming Dynasty. The noble and elegant Han costumes such as jackets and skirts have attracted the attention of foreign guests. Everyone rushed to put on the Hanfu of various dynasties, holding props in hand, and pairing to take pictures in front of the display background.

University guests wear Hanfu

Dmitry Konakov, the vice president of Saratov State University in Russia, also put on a light green straight, holding a sword, just like an ancient knight. He told reporters that the Hanfu Exhibition had left a deep impression on him and learned more about traditional Chinese culture. “Although I dare not say that I am an expert in Chinese culture, I also learned that in ancient China, the colors of the clothes worn by the emperor were very special. Yes, no one else can wear it.”


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